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Major Works

Let BOHD Management lead you through the Major Works process

The Major Works process also referred to as The S.20 process, is a critical part of Block Management that can add immense value to your asset when done properly.

Through BOHD Management you will have access to a skilled and experienced team of dedicated professionals, ready to get your projects off the ground. We understand that these works can be expensive, so we aim to offer competitive rates without sacrificing quality.

BOHD is committed to

Never under-delivering on quality and time when it comes to carrying out your project

Facilitating a collaborative process between the Property Manager, The Major Works Team and the Residents

Initiating a CAPEX PLAN to help you plan for future years

Continuous updates on how the project is running through monthly face-to-face meetings

Sharing our network of the best contractors for every type of project imaginable

Providing a programme of works to define what’s going to happen and when

Including you in the tender process to have your say on appointing contractors

Give us a call, or leave us a message,
we’d love to chat with you about your building.