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About us

BOHD’s mission is to provide a superior level of customer service, the likes of which have never been seen before. Through years of combined experience and expertise we’ve built an agency that we can confidently say is the best on the market, and we want you to reap the benefits.

BOHD took over the management of our property earlier this year after years of difficulty and frustration with our previous Managing Agent. The change over was seamless and the service provided to date has been helpful, proactive and cost effective. There would be no hesitations when recommending BOHD Management’

Sam Booth – RMC Director (Lapwing Lodge Hall Management Company)

A common pitfall faced by many Managing Agents is their Property Managers becoming overloaded with large portfolios as the result of rapid growth. This hinders them from providing an effective service and ultimately leads to a massive decline in the service offering, causing Leaseholders to become understandably frustrated with the lack of communication.

BOHD Management has created a solution to this problem, by giving our Property Managers smaller portfolios to manage, so that they can give each client the time and attention they require. Through implementing this method of management, we believe this will enable our team to proactive, diligent and most important, service orientated.

The Team

What sets us apart is the quality of our Property Management Team. We aspire to ensure that all Property Managers will have both a University accredited property degree and other professional property qualifications which means you really are getting the best of the best.

“Having spent a number of years working in the industry, I wanted to set up an agency that I felt was different from anything else in the market. BOHD is committed to providing a tailored property management approach that delivers exceptional standards of customer service to the people that matter, our Leaseholders”

Patrick Lambert

BOHD is committed to

  • Giving you the time and attention you deserve.
  • Attending the property regularly to carry out essential checks.
  • Holding monthly meetings to make sure you’re in the loop.
  • Being transparent about everything, particularly expenditures.
  • Including you in the tender process when placing annual service contracts.
  • Taking care of H&S Compliance, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Carrying out Quality Control checks on all of the contractors on site to ensure they’re doing what they should be.
  • Adding value to your asset by ensuring that we maintain and improve the building wherever possible.
  • Looking for ways we can improve the building aesthetically.
  • Availability – We much prefer talking than hiding behind emails.
  • Advising on Major Works and Capital Expenditure projects

Give us a call, or leave us a message,
we’d love to chat with you about your building.