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The Difference Maker

It’s no secret that the Block Management industry is in serious need of an overhaul. That’s
where BOHD Management comes in. We’re here to turn this industry on its head and do
away with outdated practices that put profit first and clients second. Our focus is on YOU.

BOHD Management has created a Block Management model that focuses on delivering the best service in the market and one that puts Leaseholders at the heart of every decision. We guarantee full transparency on all things relating to money, contracts and the budget setting process so that you feel involved every step of the way.

Core Values that set BOHD apart

Attention To Detail

To ensure that we are delivering the best possible service to our clients, we aim to give our Property Managers a portfolio to manage of no more than 500 units which is considerably less than other agents. This enables them to be proactive rather than reactive and allows them to focus on building stronger relationships with our customers through regular communication. 


We fully disclose everything related to the management process, particularly financials. We don’t have anything to hide, and we won’t add unnecessary additional charges.

Face Time

We want to get to know our customers on a deeper level. The best way for us to connect is to meet face-to-face. There’s no hiding behind a keyboard, so you’ll see all our Property Managers on-site either carrying out inspections or attending Leaseholder meetings which take place every month.


We want our Leaseholder’s involvement when it comes to contractors. We’ll meet three months before the start of a new budget year to invite you to review our tenders; so you can be confident that we’ve picked the best person for the job.

Forward Thinking

Different is good, and our team thinks outside the box. We don’t want our Property Managers to get bogged down with day-to-day building matters; they’re encouraged to facilitate major work projects or look for ways to give the building a fresh facelift because adding value to your asset is as important to us as it is to you.

The Right People 

Our Property Managers are experts in the field, and all have both University-accredited Property Degrees and other professional property qualifications, so you can have peace of mind that you are being looked after by the very best


Open and honest communication is at the heart of everything we do at BOHD Management, so you can rest assured that your asset is in the best possible hands

We are fully transparent when it comes to showing you where your money is being spent. We want your involvement in the budget-setting process.

We carry out regular property inspections and hold monthly Leaseholder Meetings

We don’t favour certain contractors. We use the best people for the job with the most competitive rates.

Give us a call, or leave us a message,
we’d love to chat with you about your building.