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Freeholders & Landlords

Let the best manage your asset

Your asset is your pride and joy and should be looked after by the best in the business. At BOHD, we think outside the box. We’re not only here to manage your asset but also to proactively suggest ways we can add value to your property.

BOHD is committed to

Taking the pressure off you by managing relationships with the Leaseholders

Ensuring H&S Compliance is a priority and making sure assets within the building are maintained to the highest standards

Managing ground rent collection

Ensuring you’re included in the budget setting process and that we have your approval to issue demands

Providing you with quarterly reviews to update you on everything

Delivering successful Capital Expenditure Projects that add value to your asset

Providing your lessee with the utmost customer service

Give us a call, or leave us a message,
we’d love to chat with you about your building.